Quick thoughts on Deadpool 2 with Spoilers

This does contain spoilers…

Deadpool 2 is an action comedy that continues the successful rated R formula of the previous title. There is plenty gruesome action, 4th wallbreaking, and over the top comedy that if you loved before you are going to love it again. I could talk about how funny this movie was but there were so many jokes it would be a waste of time. Ill get into why I enjoyed this movie so much, Cable and Firefist. Firefist is the kid that Deadpool feels responsible for saving. Due to his recent tragedy he feels like this is his calling. Cable comes from the future to kill Firefist  before he can become a powerful supervillain. Once the movie explains why Cable wants to kill this kid, it felt justified. Shortly after the start of the movie Deadpool suffers a very similar fate. His fiancé is murdered by someone who is after him and Deadpool of course kills him so why should Cable not be able to save his family? Firefist was abused in the orphanage that he was being raised in so his abuse is what lead him on the path of becoming a villain.

This plot added some great dialogue between Cable and Deadpool which made me think who the actual good guy or bad guy in their situation was.  I know this is just advertised as an action comedy movie, but it had a surprisingly good plot to it. I hope there is another Deadpool movie or even an X-force movie.

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