Thoughts on Avengers: Infinity War with Spoilers

Warning this does contain Spoilers…


Avengers Infinity War has managed to do something I have never experience before. Captivate an entire theater of people. I’ve seen a lot of movies but this one had everyone in the theater feeling the same emotions. It wasn’t because of its plot, which is good but not amazing, but rather the characters in it. Marvel has been building this universe for ten years and introducing new characters in it all the time. We have been growing with these characters since the beginning and finally seeing mostly all of them interact with each other is what made this movie amazing. What ties all of these characters together is the villain Thanos.

Thanos is from the planet Titan. His planet was overpopulated and they consumed their resources too fast. Thanos had a solution, a random genocide. He wanted some form of genocide that didn’t favor the rich or the poor. After that idea Thanos was called a madman. (Probably where he gets his nickname The Mad Titan) Sometime later everyone on his planet dies but him, he calls himself a survivor. Ever since his tragedy he figured the universe’s resources were finite, so he dedicated his life to destroying half of it. This rendition of Thanos is interesting. He is cool, calm and collected villain. When he found out that Maw was killed he seemed upset and said his efforts were not in vain. Thanos is a great villain not just because he beat hulk in a fistfight, or because he ultimately won in the end, what makes him a great villain is he truly believe he is right. To obtain the soul stone he had to sacrifice his daughter Gamora. In his own twisted way he loved her so when he ultimately killed her to get it he was crying. Thanos was willing to sacrifice the only thing he loved to succeed in his mission. I don’t agree with his mission but focusing the movie on him made me understand why he would do anything to kill half of the galaxy’s population.

As great as this movie was it wasn’t perfect. The middle parts of the movie felt like they dragged only to be carried by the character interactions. That is the only point I can nitpick about this movie. The ending is so well done it had everyone in both theaters in shock.  (Yes I saw the movie twice) As we were sitting in just disbelief that over fifty percent of the characters we fell in love with over the ten year span disappear there was silence once the credits hit. I really applaud whoever decision it was cut the after credit scenes to just one and have it at the very end because it made you sit there and deal with what you just saw. In the end this may have been an Avengers title, but it was undoubtedly a story of Thanos.

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