Early Thoughts on Jump Force

So I was one of the people lucky enough to get emailed a beta code for Jump Force. Its a 3 vs 3 tag style game that lets you fight it out with the most popular characters found in Shonen Jump manga. I was pretty indifferent on buying this game but the beta did slightly make me want to. I only got 2 hours of playtime because the beta hours weren’t friendly to my work schedule so these are just very early opinions on the gameplay. I don’t know all of the mechanics yet so I am just focusing on my experience and if I had fun. Ill just list a few things I thought were good and bad about my experience.

Good Stuff

The audio is amazing. The voices, sound effects and special moves all sounded amazing.

Visuals. The pictures that they publish in magazines and advertise online don’t erally give this game justice. I thought this game was going look like a mess but visually this game looks nice. I was worried since there are a different art styles that these characters come from but they all look nice. Special moves like Yusuke’s spirit gun and all of BlackBeard moves look great.

Characters. When this game was first announced I just assumed they would add the current most popular characters in shonen but being able to play as characters from Yu Yu Hakusho and even playing as Yugi made me interested in this game.

Matchmaking. Matchmaking if relatively fast and in the short time you’re waiting you can practice if you don’t want to see the waiting screen.

Bad stuff

Camera. This camera angle is a third person over the shoulder style of camera and it doesn’t work with this style of gameplay. I was playing as Blackbeard against a Gon and I couldn’t see him at all. When he was very far away I could but when I was blocking or midrange I couldn’t see him at all. Thats frustrating because I visually can’t tell when his block strings were ending or if he was charging an attack to break my guard.

No special dialogue. There wasn’t any special dialogue between any of the characters. I was surprised this wasn’t a thing. I would of loved to see an interaction between Yusuke and Ichigo or Naruto and Luffy. There isn’t even speical dialogue between characters of the same series i.e, Blackbeard vs Luffy.

Lobby system. I hate game that have the online lobby system where you have to walk and talk to someone to activate the gameplay. Just give me a normal menu and every game in 2018 Bandai Namco.


I don’t want to say the gameplay was bad yet because I only had about 2 hours of playtime and that was straight into battles. There really wasn’t a training mode to play with the new mechanics and see what works and what doesn’t so its not fair for me to judge it prematurely. It feels like a clunky version of the Ninja Storm series with the little time I had with it. Overall I am looking forward to this game since comes out early next year and the beta did help with that decision so I guess it did its job.

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