Early Thoughts on Soul Calibur VI

I got a chance to play Soul Calibur 6 at CEO this year and I was sold ever since. I play a lot of different fighting games but I never stuck with the Soul Calibur series. My main issues were the lack of good character designs and the gameplay always felt clunky. This time around the gameplay feels smooth and I found a character I like.

I wouldn’t call the beta for SCVI a beta, its just Bandai Namco testing their online services. And Ill say im happy they tested it. Majority of the time of this “beta” I was in matchmaking searching for matches. In about an hour I was able to play maybe three matches. There were things you could do like relaunch the game to get better chances but there is no way to tell if that actually worked or I just connected to opponents better. I had better luck Sunday playing more games. The connections were mostly good but the bad connections were noticeable.

I’m in no way a Soul Calibur veteran so I don’t want to comment on the gameplay mechanic changes as I am still learning how the game should be played. The biggest thing I hope gets fixed is the time it takes to connect to an opponent. So far everything seems to work but that. I look forward to the 19th when the game releases.

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