My Rating Scale

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So this is my personal rating scale that I’ll use from now on. This goes to any form of media I am reviewing whether its a T.V. show, anime, video game or whatever. I know its slightly different from the norm with 5 just being mediocre and not bad but that’s how I think things should be rated.

10 – Masterpiece

The closest to perfection you can get. Anything that is wrong is just me nitpicking on minor details. I usually rewatch or playthrough yearly.

9 – Amazing

Close to a masterpiece but being held back by something. Might have minor issues but it doesn’t distract from the entirety of it.

8- Great

Overall great, something about it stands out. A fantastic form of media but plays it safe keeping it from being amazing.

7 – Solid

Pretty standard form of media. Its just good fun to enjoy. Nothing mind blowing but it gets the job done.

6 – Almost good

It has potential to be good but something turns me off about it. Has good things but doesn’t utilize them or disappoints. This doesn’t mean its bad. It’s more of turn my brain off and enjoy kind of thing.

5 – Mediocre

Not very good. On the verge of being bad

4 – Bad

Things don’t add up, little to no enjoyment.

3 – Pretty Bad

Overall just bad but could be salvaged

2 – Awful

Can’t be salvaged

1 – Don’t waste the time

Not worth investing any time into it.


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