Top 5 games from the Nintendo Direct

A couple days ago Nintendo announced a 30 minute direct, with a slight focus on Fire Emblem: Three Houses and since then speculations have been everywhere from Smash dlc characters, details about the new Animal Crossing title and even a new Pokemon title announcement. I didn’t have high expectations so anything that looked interesting was a bonus to me. Here are my favorite things from the direct.

  1. Astral Chain

This game gave me a Bayonetta vibe with the action style and camera so when I found out it was being made by Platinum games I was not surprised. It looks like a semi open world action game where you can tame different robot creatures and use them for battles or solving puzzles. I’m happy Nintendo is taking a chance on a new IP and not just investing in their first party titles.

2. Dragon Quest XI 

I’ve been interested in this game for awhile but I never got around to purchasing it. So since the definitive version is coming this fall for the Switch I will just wait on that. I really enjoy mobile rpg titles so waiting on the Switch version seems like my best bet. I really like the ability to switch between 2d 16-bit version and the 3d hd of the fly.

3. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

No surprise i’m a new age fire emblem fan so I was already interested in this game based on the title. Previous trailers that showed gameplay really impressed me but this current one didn’t do it for me. The story seems like it has a lot of backstory to it and a 5 minute trailer isn’t going to do it justice obviously. I do like the focus on training a group and deciding their classes early on to make strategies around. The map seems huge and this will be my first non 3ds Fire Emblem title so I have high expectations for it.

4. Daemon x Machina

I think this is going to be a sleeper hit. I do love Nintendo is investing in new IPs for the switch. The graphics aren’t amazing and it doesn’t seem story driven but the gameplay looks really fun. I personally love mech style games so this seems right for me. Releasing a demo is the right move to get more exposure and they are accepting feedback so I guess its more of a beta. The demo is out not and I’m downloading it right now.

5. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

I’ve never experienced or even know too much about the original Link’s Awakening so a remake a brand new experience for me. It looks like a standard old school Zelda title with some platforming. I’m sure I am going to enjoy it but its not exactly at the top of the list I’m most excited for.

I am happy with the direct. I didn’t have my standards set too high because Nintendo usually lets you know if you’re getting heavy news on first party titles beforehand and it was Fire Emblems turn this time. The most impressive thing is all of the announced games are scheduled to release this year so Nintendo is really adding more depth to their Switch library. If I had to rate it I would give it a 7/10. It was good and gave me things to look forward too but nothing blew me away.


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