Thoughts on Dragon Ball Super: Broly

When watching a Dragon Ball movie I have low expectation and a short checklist of things I wanted to see. This checklist was impressive animation, good fight scenes, good character dialogue, and to not have a cop out on defeating the villain. This movie not only met everything I wanted to see but exceeded my expectations by adding good story.

The origin of the Saiyans were changed. It gave more substance to planet Vegeta, how Frieza came to rule the Saiyans, and minor fixes to Broly’s origin. Broly wasn’t just a mindless killer in this movie but someone who was being manipulated by others into fighting. I was sympathetic to him which is something I never thought possible.

The undisputed best part of the movie were the action scenes. The animation was simply amazing and smooth. Broly’s transformation was even better than in this movie that the previous one. I usually get bored of Dragon Ball fight scenes because they last forever and its just the same thing happening but not in this film. The fights were fast, fluid and they didn’t use the same repeat animations that the previous Dragon Ball is usually guilty of. There were times when the animation would switch mid fight as someone was charging a powerful attack or the camera would go first person and you would see the fight in Broly’s point of view but it wasn’t too distracting. The soundtrack was a hit or miss. Sometimes I felt it added to the fights and suspense of some scenes other times I thought it was kind of silly.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly did over 7 million on opening day and is the biggest Funimation movie opening in theater. This movie reminded me why I love the Dragon Ball series so much. It is in theaters until this weekend but I hope they extend it a little longer since its such a hit.

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