Quick Review of Classroom of the Elite

Classroom of the Elite is an anime that follows, Kiyotaka Ayanokōji who enrolls in the prestigious Tokyo Ikusei Senior High School. This high school has an 100% of continued education or employment after graduation. Tokyo Ikusei is split into four different class tiers, class A, B, C and D. Ayanokoji is by every means a bland character. He doesn’t have much a personality or excel in anything but for some reason he is trying to help his classmate Suzune Horikita achieve the highest class tier in the school.  Everything comes at a cost and as the students soon find out making it in this prestigious school isn’t going to be easy.

Classroom of the Elite isn’t usually my type of show but I heard nothing but great things about it so I gave it a chance. Ayanokoji is the main character but he isn’t the typical main character. He makes a lot of behind the scene moves to help his class and gives others ideas all while being outside the spotlight. Every character hides something, whether its their true intentions or their own skeletons, except Suzune Horikita.  Horikita is direct, blunt and honest. This make her not very sociable which is a perfect match for Ayanokoji’s calculated and bland personality. Slowly but surely she warms up to Ayanokoji and together they’re trying to raise their class status to class A. Without spoiling the ending, it finally gives Ayanokoji some much needed development. It being only 12 episodes that leaves off on a cliffhanger makes you want more. There is no confirmed date for a 2nd season so the only way to find out what happens next is to read the light novel.

Every episode beginning with a philosophical quote that pertains to the episode is a nice touch. The animation and overall production is great. The soundtrack is alright. The opening and ending songs are pretty good but the music that plays throughout the show is just ok. It features the standard high school anime comedy and it has a lot of fan service sprinkled in that doesn’t need to be there. If you’re into the slice of life genre with a little added mystery I would definitely check this show out.


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