Throwback Thursday: Top 5 Spiderman Games so far

With the release of Insomniac’s new highly anticipated Spiderman title tomorrow I wanted to relive the hype of past Spiderman games. I came up with a list of my personal top 5 Spiderman games.

  1. Ultimate Spider-man


Ultimate Spider-man is my favorite because it not only featured the best swinging mechanics and great dialogue, but you were able to play the story from two different perspectives. You played as both Peter Parker and Eddie Brock. The story takes place behind the mystery of their parents and the symbiote suit. You meet and fight classic Marvel characters along the way including Nick Fury, Carnage, Silver Sable and even a boss fight against Wolverine.

  1. Spiderman Shattered Dimension


Shattered Dimension is an underrated title because you weren’t able to free roam. Instead of free roam this game focuses on unique gameplay, more dialogue and great boss battles. In Spiderman Shattered Dimension you play as four different Spidermen from different dimension. Each one had different gameplay elements but all had great dialogue. You played as the original Spiderman, the symbiote suit Spiderman, Noir Spiderman and Spiderman 2099. As the original Spiderman you had the most web based attacks and most maneuverability. The symbiote suit focused the most on combat and had tentacle attacks. Spiderman 2099 had more chase sequences and flashiness. Noir Spiderman had a darker theme and played more like a stealth game. The boss fights ranged from Spiderman regulars like Electro but expanded to other Marvel characters like Juggernaut and Deadpool. The voice acting was also top notch for every Spiderman featured.

  1. Spiderman Web of Shadows


I know this is almost everyone’s favorite Spiderman game so far but I have to put it as my third favorite. Just because its third doesn’t mean it isn’t a great game though. It features an interesting story where New York is overrun my symbiotes and you have to try to stop it. Since the city is overrun by symbiotes you get to see what its like for certain characters like Wolverine being bonded with a symbiote. This also means you get to transition between wearing the symbiote suit and not yourself. When you wear the suit you get access to more aggressive attacks, stronger attacks and the city won’t cheer for you as you swing around. It’s a great title that is often overlooked.

  1. Spiderman 2 – The Game


This is easily the most famous of the Spiderman games. What everyone expected to be just another bad movie game turned out to be an amazing title. This is the first Spiderman title where you could just wander the entire island of Manhattan. Being able to swing around the city and do whatever you wanted in Manhattan was ambitious for video games in 2004. This game also featured random crime events to happen so swinging around never got boring. The story loosely followed the events of the movie with appearances such as Black Cat and Mysterio.

  1. Spider-Man – The Game


This isn’t to be confused with the game for the playstation 4 that releases tomorrow. This is the Spiderman game that is based on the first movie. Spider-Man is often overlooked because of the success of other Spiderman games but this should still be recognized. Yeah ill admit you did swing on clouds and the animations weren’t that great but the gameplay and difficulty made up for it. This game featured some of the most enjoyable boss battles with the green goblin. Once you complete the story you were able to play it again but as Harry investigating his fathers death. You played as the second green goblin and this was a blast to me. This game features Tobey Maguire(Spiderman) Josh Keaton (Harry) and William Defoe(Green Goblin) as voice actors. This underrated titles makes my number 5.

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