Things I want in Arrow Season 7

Arrow started off amazing. The first two seasons is some of the best television I’ve ever seen but ever since season 3 it doesn’t meet the expectations that were set early in the show’s life. During the last half of Season 6 of Arrow the show was getting better so I want them to continue with this momentum and make an amazing season 7. Here are a few things I want to see happen in Arrow.

I want to follow Oliver in prison. I know this is a big advertisement of the show but so was flashpoint, which only lasted two episodes, in season 3 of The Flash. Oliver being in prison will show Starling City without its favorite mayor and without the true Green Arrow. I also want to know how the separate vigilantes deal with their him being gone. Will they continue his crusade in his honor or will they establish themselves without him? This leads me into my next point.

I want more depth to the other vigilantes. Im not a fan of any of the other members of previous team arrow added in season 5 and later. When I really thought about why I didn’t like them, it came down to one reason. That reason is Oliver never really needed the team. He was able to keep up his crusade with only Diggle and Felicity. I just want more depth to the other characters to make the audience care about why they’re doing this. Ramirez has a daughter he just got back into his life. Why does he risk that by being a vigilante? Curtis can be more than helpful being the “Overwatch” of his team but he needs to go out at put his life on the line. Why isn’t he content with helping behind a computer?

I want new characters that last longer than a season introduced. If you aren’t constantly introducing new character you can build upon the already established ones. I think it was a good move bring Diaz back so they don’t have to establish the threat earlier in the season.

The last thing I want and the most important is a great villain. The villains in the first two seasons contributed to what made them amazing. Malcolm Merlyn and Deathstroke were meticulous and deadly. They were always one step ahead of Oliver and better fighters. Whenever Oliver or the team faced off against them I felt like they could have actually died. Diaz turned into a decent villain at the end of the previous season, but it took too long to start up. If we’re getting a new villain I want them to establish themselves as a threat and give them a compelling backstory or reason for the audience to sympathize with them.

These are the few changes I want to make Arrow season 7 the best that it can be. If you agree or disagree let me know.

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