Thoughts with Spoilers on TWD: Finale Season Episode 1

TellTale is back with the final season of their take on The Walking Dead. You’re back playing as Clementine this time. Following the conclusion of the previous season Clementine has AJ back. AJ isn’t your typical kid. All he knows is growing up in the zombie apocalypse. Due to growing up in a post-apocalyptic world AJ thinks about survival first and foremost. As you find out in the first five minutes of the episode AJ is great with a pistol, looks for every entrance and exit when he enters a room and he is great at navigating through a horde of zombies. In exchange for being such a great survivor he is antisocial. AJ struggles with interacting with anyone that isn’t Clementine. AJ and Clem find themselves allying with a group of teens surviving on their own. Acting as a guardian to AJ while trying to survive, Clem has a lot more responsibility in her hands this time around.

The game looks a lot better. I’m not sure if the graphics are better or the shading style is more definite but the game is definitely visually better than any other TellTale title. So far I haven’t had the infamous frame rate drop I usually get in a TellTale title so the game runs and plays a lot smoother. It just feels like the best experience TellTale has delivered so far.


Spoilers ahead


One of my favorite minor details in this game is how trivial things like age is. There isn’t an official age for any of the main characters, so everything is in a certain ballpark. Clementine somewhere in her teens. I would guess AJ is in between 5-10. This is important because you don’t have time to be a kid in this world. AJ is so used to just surviving and protecting Clementine, he shot Marlon and didn’t think anything of it. He just mercilessly murdered someone he was trying to befriend because he thought Clem was in danger. Now the group of teens that took in Clem and AJ have to face the facts that their leader was lying to them and was willing to “barter” others away. During the climax of this episode I chose to ask Violet for help instead of Louis (aka Jaden Smith). I asked Violet because she opened up more and already has a history of not trusting Marlon. Louis is Marlon’s best friend and would have had more of a chance believing him over the new girl.

Im interested to see how the story progresses. At the end of the day these are young adults and children. They are going to look for someone to lead them and I think its going to be Clem. Clementine was able to go out and secure enough food so they wouldn’t have to worry about starving for a while. It seems she has the most experience out in uncharted territories also. I think its pretty obvious Clementine is going to be their new leader but how will they react to AJ. Im guessing AJ was just defending Clem in his head but his reaction was so inhuman. He was just like “What? I aimed for the head.” Its as if he didn’t value a human life. So I see AJ’s character development as a chance to teach him to be more “human” or to continue is survivor only mentality based on your choices.

As far as the other characters the only one to leave an impression on me is Louis. Im not sure if its because he looks like a young Jaden Smith or he has a sense of humor but he is my favorite character besides Clem and AJ so far.



I think you’re going to have to choice to teach AJ empathy and compassion or teach him surviving is all that matters.

I predict there will be  romance options in this game. Telltale has always teased the audience with Lee and Carly, Javier and Kate and even Clementine and Gabe but due to the nature of the game they can never come to fruition.

Clementine is going to become the leader for the group. Taking this responsibility is going to put you in situation where you have to save or sacrifice the others.

Lastly I predict the main confrontation is going to be with the bandits Marlon mentioned. I don’t know if the group is going to look for them or the bandits are going to comeback but I see them being the main antagonist of this story.

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