Top Ten Games I want to play after E3

Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 is the premier conference for video games. In recent years I felt as if E3 was disappointing. Companies would hire musicians to take up time, games would get leaked weeks before, companies would focus on too long on indie titles and my personal gripe is bragging about how many users are playing on their platform. This E3 was a step in the right direction. Leaks still happened and there were still musicians hired but they didn’t take up too much time and present the game right after. There were a ton of diverse games, that you can look forward to no matter what method you use to play games. The big 3 all had strong conferences that left me anticipating more. These are the top ten things I can’t wait to get my hands on.


10. Dying Light 2 – I never got around to playing the first one but I have always wanted to. Now that this one is announced and has some impressive gameplay Ill definitely go back play the first one. This game allows you to help certain factions and your decisions that you make influence the world around you. I love games that do this because I can have my own experience and watch someone else have a completely different one. There hasn’t been an announced release date so I doubt its coming anytime soon so that’ll just give me time to play the original.

9. Resident Evil 2 Remake – I never played Resident Evil 2 so a 3rd person remake is something I can’t wait to play. I really enjoyed Resident evil 4 and 5 and the gameplay looks more of the same.


8. Starlink: Battle for Atlas – Im not going to lie, I didn’t have any interest in this game until Star Fox made an appearance. I know he is probably just cosmetics, but I would love to fly an arwing in a semi open world environment again (Star Fox Assault is my favorite game in the series). Ubisoft caught my attention with Fox McCloud and this game looks pretty good.

7. Spiderman – I have been waiting for this game since it was announced two E3’s ago I think it was. It features an older Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Spiderman games are usually sleeper hits. There are plenty of stylish combos and the usual Spiderman humor.

6. The Last of Us 2- The Last of Us has one of my favorite stories in video games. I loved the twist at the end and that led Joel to basically becoming the villain. There was outstanding character development that didn’t go unnoticed by critics. I am hoping for some diverse gameplay. I don’t want to just enter a space, kill all the bad guys and move on to the next. It was extremely well done in the first game I just hope this time around the gameplay doesn’t get stale.

5. Fire Emblem Three Houses – One of Nintendo first party titles that influenced me to decide on buying a Nintendo Switch eventually. There isn’t too many details on this game but the trailer looked great with the updated visuals and what looks like a semi open world game. It looks like a confusing anime plot but the gameplay is what looks amazing. When attacking with one unit it looks they’re leading a small force to join in.

4. Devil May Cry 5 – DmC3 is one of my favorite games. I loved the over the top flashiness, the combo system and the hard boss fights. So when Hideaki Itsuno announced he was working on this title it gave me a lot of hope for it. The visuals look like a blend of the remake and old style which isn’t a terrible thing but it will take some getting used to. Dante making a return is also amazing. Its rumored to come out before April but its officially to be release sometime Spring next year.


3. Gears of War 5 – I am a long time fan of the series. Gears 4 has a great multiplayer but story was actually boring to me. I couldn’t even finish it because it felt like it was dragging on too much. Based on the trailer, you will play as Kait this time and the story looks much more interesting. Ill have to go back and finish gears 4 story. I have faith in the normal multiplayer and horde is always fun to play with friends. I hope they add more interesting weapons to the multiplayer and get rid of the lootboxes.

2. Anthem – I have been looking forward to this game for about two years now. I was really disappointed by them pushing it back but as long as its polished and works at launch ill be ok with it. This game’s universe looks interesting and the gameplay looks like Mass Effect with mechs so whats not to love? I trust Bioware to make a compelling story and have your decisions actually matter but I don’t trust EA for a polished experience so this game could go either way for me. I am praying for the latter.

1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Smash bros is my favorite game series of all time. As soon as Smash for the switch was announced I started to save for a Nintendo Switch. I do consider this a new title and I am happy about it. The gameplay has been revamped, every character has been revamped, every character in smash history made it back and there will be a few newcomers such as the Inklings and Ridley. It looks like Nintendo is slightly catering towards the competitive community this time which is exciting. I am hoping there will be a return of subspace emissary or some sort of adventure mode to add to the single player experience.

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