TellTale’s Batman Season 2 Review

TellTale’s batman season 2 is a unique batman story that follows up after the highly acclaimed first season. Gameplay wise it is more of the same. You use batman’s detective skills to investigate and recreate crime scenes, quick time events and dialogue options. It may be more of the same but this game’s story is nothing short of amazing. The story continues as Bruce Wayne gets involved with the mysterious “Agency” lead by none other than Amanda Waller. If you know anything about DC comics and Amanda Waller’s history, you know that she blurs the line of good and bad to get the job done. She uses people, lies to them, blackmails and even hold people hostage. After you stop what seems to be just a normal robbery done by The Riddler, Batman and Amanda work together to uncover a plot by a team of some of Gotham’s most notable villains.

DC allowing TellTale to make changes to the source material was a risky move, but it was a risk worth taking. Last season there were changes to Bruce Wayne’s origin story that really shaped the plot. This season it was around the Joker’s origin. I have never been a fan of the Joker before. I know most people think im crazy but he has always been someone who was just evil for the sake of being evil. There wasn’t a method to his madness or anything of an end goal. Joker or “John Doe” was recently released from arkham asylum and the first person he wanted to see was his “friend” Bruce Wayne. Throughout the events of the story Bruce uses John Doe to get closer to the team of villains, or the pact, to eventually infiltrate their ranks to uncover their plot and bring them down. I enjoyed the different take on Harley Quinn this time around. She isn’t a victim to Joker’s abuse in this narrative rather she is taking advantage of him. Whenever you encourage John to think for himself she shuts him down to keep him under her thumb. By the end of episode 4 TellTale had made me a fan of the Joker.

I thought this game would struggle with having multiple villains and giving each one their own time to shine but that wasn’t the case. Bane was just as oppressive as you know him to be. The Riddler still has his trademark riddles but he is strong and fast enough to give Batman a good fight. Mr. Freeze is still looking to find a way to heal his terminally ill wife who is being cryogenically frozen. My favorite part about there being so many notable villains is their banter. Just the interactions with each other shows they don’t trust each other but need to work together to achieve their goals.

Known for their tough decisions TellTale is still making you make the hard calls. This time around your decisions shape your relationships with each character. Each choice you make that helps a character has consequences with another character. This season really highlights the self-destructive nature that the job of being Batman entails. I would highly recommend this game if you enjoy anything Batman or previous TellTale titles as I think this is their best work yet.

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