Wishlist for Smash on the Switch

Smash is one of my favorite game series and Nintendo is back with another one for the Nintendo Switch. There wasn’t much shown so its not entirely clear whether it’s a new title or it’s a re-release of Smash 4 here are a few things I want Smash Switch to feature.

  1. Better online. The thing I want the most from this game is good online. Im assuming its going to be released during quarter 4 with the paid subscription service. Im not excited to pay for online but hopefully its at least better. A party system would also be cool so you could partner up with someone and search for 2vs2 matches together.
  2. Better matchmaking and Ranked matches. I know Sakurai doesn’t want to see his game played as a fighter but with the continued “support” that Nintendo is showing to the competitive scene we could at least get ranks in for glory. And with ranks comes better matchmaking and possibility leaderboards. These things are standard for any other fighter, I just want Nintendo to step up and deliver a great online experience.
  3. Bring back single player modes. Nintendo can appease most of their fanbase with better single player options. Subspace emissary was a great addition to brawl and it was really upsetting Nintendo didn’t follow up in Smash WiiU/3ds. A story mode that features all the majority of the cast is a great way to introduce game characters to people who may not know about them. (I only got into Kid Icarus because of Brawl). Even if they don’t add another story, what happened to Break the Targets or Board the Platforms? Nintendo could add those two modes to the leaderboards and have people compete to see who could get better times.
  4. Better Training Mode. I just want Nintendo to have an up to date training mode. If you have played any other fighter you know what I mean. If there was just a “record dummy” option that would be sufficient enough.
  5. Better stages. For new stages I want to see a representation from Splatoon, Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, Sonic Mania, a new version of Pokemon Stadium and Mario and Rabids Kingdom Battle. I want to see some different legacy stages brought back. I hope Fountain of Dreams, Town and City, Saffron City, Rainbow Cruise, and Frigate Orpheon all make comebacks. I also want to see the option to turn off stage transformations or hazards. Maybe I want Pokemon Stadium to not transform or I don’t want Ridley to attack me on Pyrosphere.
  6. Better Stage builder. I think the ideal stage builder would be a good mix between the brawl and the wii u version. Being able to draw things like in the Wii U version and adding the wacky platforms like in the Brawl version would be ideal.
  7. New Characters. The only new characters I really want are Viewtiful Joe and Isaac. Viewtiful Joe would be a good fit for this type of fighter, he was plenty of option for a moveset. Isaac from the Golden Sun games would also be a great fit. He was plenty of magic options and a sword. I can’t really complain too much about the characters because Nintendo has done an outstanding job with their rosters. I never would of thought to see Cloud, Ryu, Snake or even Bayonetta in the same fighting game series. I trust Nintendo to deliver great characters because they always have.


Here are a few things I hope to see in the next title of Smash for the Nintendo Switch. Whether Nintendo add any of these things or none of them I now have another reason to finally get a Nintendo Switch. Anything you want to add or if you think I am just some tryhard who doesn’t know what he is talking about hit me up.

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