Thoughts of the Dragon Ball Fighterz beta

I wasn’t able to play it on the day Sunday but Monday I had pretty easy time connecting to the servers and finding games. I did encounter a laggy connection about 1 in every 5 games but overall it wasn’t bad. I didn’t encounter any game breaking bugs or glitches once I got into the game. Everything seemed smooth gameplay wise. The voice acting (eng dub) was just like I remember it and during a fight characters say certain things to each other like Goku screaming “ITS OVER FRIEZA” while shooting a Kamehameha. The matches are pretty fast paced because building meter is really easy. It really seems like a great game to spectate.

Take anything I say about the gameplay with a grain of salt because there wasn’t a practical practice mode. That being said the game is being released in less than two weeks. Its safe to assume the game is finished gameplay wise. Based on the games I got to play the dragon dash seems kind of over powered. The only way I was able to deal with it was use a special move, but with characters like Krillin who has a startup to their moves I was beat out. There doesn’t seem to be any cooldown on block. That’s the only complaint I have with the gameplay. I know things like the combos being too simple is going to be ironed out once everyone gets a training mode. One thing I really liked is how easy it is to stuff assist. You really have to call them out at smart times and cover them to use them effectively.

I really enjoyed playing as Kid Buu and Freiza so hopefully Goku Black will be the last member of my team. Bandai Namco announced that there will be an extra 24 hours on an upcoming day for the beta so I look forward to trying it out one more time.

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