Most anticipated games this year

2017 was kind of underwhelming for me in video games for me but this year looks so much more promising. There are quite a few titles I am looking forward to this year.

Detroit: Become Human – In a time where we are only getting sequels and remasters it is refreshing to see a new video game ip, especially one that looks so amazing. This game is being produced by Quantum Dream and it looks like they are going to deliver again. Detroit: Become Human is a futuristic story interactive thriller title that has the perspective of three different characters. Based on this trailer it looks like this game isn’t going to be for the immature audience.


Dragon Ball Fighterz – Ever since I heard a rumor early last year that a 2d Dragon ball Z fighting game was going to be shown at E3 I have been hype for it. This is dropping on the 26th and I can’t wait to try it.


Monster Hunter World – I’ve been a monster hunter fan since I was hooked on tri and I can’t wait to play world. I’m not going to lie, I am disappointed it isn’t on 3ds because I need something to play on mine but it looks like a great game and the beta was pretty smooth.


Shadow of The Colossus – This is a game I have never played in its glory days so this is a remaster that I am looking forward to.


Anthem – I am really nervous about this game. On one hand Bioware has made some of my favorite games like Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect but as of recent, Andromeda was a disappointment for me. Im hoping that Bioware and EA get it right with this game.

Kingdom Hearts 3 – The trailers all look amazing and we might actually get this game this year. The gameplay seems fast and fluid with elements from Dream Drop Distance. I just wish Goofy wasn’t following me around.


The Wolf Amoung Us Season 2 and The finale of The walking dead – These are my favorite two of TellTale games and they continue this year. I just hope they release in a timely manner.


Marvel’s Spider-Man – Spider man games are usually cool but the story is always generic and never really catches my attention. It looks like Insomniac Games is changing that. The story looks great and it is Mile Morales time playable in a video game. I can’t wait to see the dynamic between the two and how the new villain measures up to previous ones.


Metro: Exodus – The Metro series has never gotten my attention until now. The horror survival feel the trailer at E3 had makes me want to give this a chance.


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