Review of Life is Strange: Before the Storm

“You could have a flamethrower, an army of robot ninjas, and a motherfucking dragon on a leash in there, and I’d still kick your ass.“- Chloe Price

Life is Strange before the storm is a prequel to one of my favorite games of all time. Just like its predecessor, Before the Storm is a point and click, decision based game. Unlike the original game you don’t have the ability to manipulate time. This time around you can have the “backtalk” ability which allows Chloe to use her wit and quick thinking to manipulate people. It is a fun minigame where you must use context clues in the conversation or clues you find around the environment to get your way. Losing the ability to manipulate time makes each decision you make harder and more permanent.

The story follows Chloe, Max’s friend, who is dealing with feeling abandoned by everyone she cares about until she meets Rachel. Rachel on paper is the total opposite of Chloe. Rachel is popular in school, gets straight A’s and is loved by everyone but as you find out she is just as troubled as Chloe. Chloe and Rachel form a close bond while dealing with their problems and uncover the truth of Rachel’s family.

Before the Storm isn’t groundbreaking by any means but it is a good game. I wish there were more backtalk situations, the first episode was kind of a drag to get through and without spoiling anything there was one situation at the end that felt unresolved. With these problems I would still recommend it to anyone who enjoys the point and click style story game. Its only $16.99 for the complete season and since it’s the holiday season its usually on sale on steam or psn.

Games with a strong narrative usually leave me with something but this game just reassured me with the saying “Live Your Truth.” So much can start with a lie when its better in the long run to tell the truth. It may be harder to tell the truth at first but its much harder to deal with the consequences of the lie later on.

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