Midseason thoughts of The Flash

The Flash had a very enjoyable first two seasons and an ok third season, so coming into the latest season I was a bit worried. This season picks up six months after the events of the second season and Barry is dealing with the consequence of his actions in the speed force. Soon after they are attacked and for some reason only Barry Allen can stop the threat. Barry is rescued from the speed force by his friends and is even faster than before. As you find out later the events in motion are all planned from the new villain Clifford Devoe, aka The Thinker.

It is refreshing having a villain that doesn’t also have speed powers and that just hates Barry for no reason. Devoe is an arrogant mastermind that is always a million steps ahead of team Flash. His intentions aren’t completely known now but he states he is going to distribute knowledge throughout society.  Devoe has a very interesting backstory as he was able to figure out the particle accelerator was going to explode, so he and his wife developed a device that would take advantage of this to give him amplified intelligence. This worked out but it also caused his body to deteriorate.

Inside of team flash there are a few major changes. Caitlyn has control over her alter ego Killer Frost and somehow can convince her to be a good guy. Barry and Iris got married, which led to a pretty good crossover event, but it probably doesn’t have much to do with the story. (In the Flash at least) Barry recruited Ralph Dibny aka Elongated Man. Joe’s girlfriend Cecil is pregnant but the most disappointing thing so far this season is Wally West. Wally last season was being set up to become even better than Barry but when he was around nobody ever noticed him. Wally was dumped by Jesse Quick and wanted to go away to take time to find himself. Even though he is also a speedster he barely gets any screen time and when he does he just a set up for Barry Allen. I am hoping he gets better during the second half of the season.

I am optimistic even though for the rest of the season especially, how the midseason finale ended. The Thinker is setting up to be a great villain that team flash is going to have to do more than just run faster than.


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