Story Interactive Games

My favorite video game experience lately has been story interactive games. These are games that are based on a story that you can alter based on your own decisions. I fell in love with these games when I played the Bioware’s Mass Effect series. Bioware is known for creating interactive stories dating back to Knights of the Old Republic and that has made them one of my favorite game studios. Telltale is a game studio that solely focusing on their stories sacrificing gameplay to make a point and click adventure. I was reluctant to try these games out but after The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, and their Batman series I am a huge fan today.

I recently completed Life is Strange, another point and click title made by Dontnod Entertainment, and it had me questioning decisions I have made in my own life. Most of us would go back in time to change things if we could and Life is Strange is about that. Life is Strange advances the genre by allowing you to go back and see the consequences of multiple decisions. This may seem like a simple thing but everything adds up in the end.

I believe the reason these games are so successful is because you can project yourself into these games. The player is navigating the story or the story is jumping out at you. Your not just sitting and watching the event unfold like you would a movie. You are forced to make split decisions from something basic to the more advanced, who lives and who dies.

With Life is Strange: Before the Storm, a prequel to the original, releasing later this year and Bioware’s Anthem releasing next year I don’t see story interactive games going anywhere anytime soon.

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