My top 5 Lupe Fiasco songs

Have you ever listened to a hip hop song and you just felt like you were there? You just sat back closed your eyes and for the three minutes or so you just listened to the metaphors and pieced together the environment the artist wanted you to see? This feeling is what originally made me follow rap music when I was younger and one artist was always able to take me away from whatever problems I was facing more so than others, Lupe Fiasco. I could go on and on about how his music influenced me as a 13 year old but Ill save that for another time. Right now i’m going to and narrow down my favorite 5 from the man himself.

5. I’m Beamin

“You see I hood a lot and yeah I nerd some, Hoods where the heart is nerds where the heart from. Don’t represent either, because I merged them.” That line right there summed up a lot of my life and is just one bar of many why this makes my number 5

4. And He gets the Girl

“Well I know I’m not the coolest and this might sound kind of foolish, Told myself I shouldn’t do this cause i’m not very well suited, not the popularist of students” I know this is more of a freestyle that is produced my pharrel but its still on of my favorites. When I discovered this song this was my anthem of talking girls in high school. It never worked out like it did in the song but its still one of my favorite songs from Lupe.

3. The Cool

“They figured that he wasn’t from there so they pulled out, and robbed him with the same gun they shot him with. Put it to his head and said, you sacred ain’t cha? He said, hustler for dead and no heaven for a gangsta” This song tells a story of a gangster who was shot and killed 6 months ago but is somehow resurrected. This is one of my favorite songs of all time.

2. Little Weapon

“Can’t write their own names, or read the words on their own graves. Think you gangsta popped a few rounds, these kids will come through and murder a whole town. The grave gets deeper the further we go down.” Lupe talks about child gun violence in the intro but when the verse starts he switches to kids raised with a militant agenda who don’t know anything else but that life.

1. The Coolest

“My new lady game me a Mercedes and a necklace with a solid gold key like the starter of a car, the opener of a door, or two pounds of raw. You game me a baby, but what about lately?” Might be my favorite song of all time, I remember writing a 10 pager on this album but majority of the content was about this song. This song has many different interpretations. The way I see it is the first verse the lady he describes is the street life and in the 2nd verse he is detailing how things are playing out for this character.


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