My first time listening to Dyme a duzin was an old youtube music video that Timothy delaghetto made, fly young gentleman. It had a smooth beat and his lyrics kind of reminded me of a Lupe Fiasco with a New York style like Jay-z. Soon after I was obsessed just looking up freestyles and youtube videos, my favorite songs were Can’t tell and Keep it Pushin’. (Yeah Im a sucker for a good rap love song) I couldn’t put my finger on it but something about him just kept me coming back. His mixtape Portrait of Donnovan was released in 2013 and it didn’t dissapoint with features including Joey Badass, Plain Pat and Elbie Thrie.

In 2015 he released Hip Hope with features including Casey Veggies, Kehlani and a few others. Instead of changing his style to get more exposure he stayed true to his push the culture forward mindset keeping his lyrically good content and storytelling.

He later released his single “That Chicken” which was remixed later with Fabolous. Just earlier this year he released “Ghetto Olympics” a five track ep that was produced my Mark Henry and Oswin Benjamin that brings more anticipation to his album “Crown Fried” that will be released later this year.

In a time that I only listened to three or four rappers, Dymez was able to broaden my palette with a New York flow and good lyrics to match. Rappers are becoming one hit wonders over night, its nice to see someone put the blood, sweat and tears into his craft that shows overtime. Check out his new single “Food for Thought”


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